Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Flycloser blog reflection #2

      Over the past semester there has been many way that we have showed care in our organization.  We have done this by welcoming in to comers to the game of baseball and making sure that they are being welcomed into our culture.  We do this by including the in on the activities and competitions that we do throughout practice.  We also try to encourage them so that they don´t get down on themselves to quickly.  One thing that I can improve on though is caring for our community.  I can do this by making sure that I get  in contact with our community partner, but I could also participate in SOC initiatives.  Participating in these initiatives will help me build my relationship and my organization's relationship with the community.

      Communication has been a big impact on so far this year as our season is starting to ramp up.  We have had to take us of remind to communicate with players on when the practices and fundraisers start.  Another thing that was very successful was the 8th grade rush.  This was a great opportunity as we got to communicate with the incoming freshman for the 2019 baseball season.  This helped us get our name out to the younger population.  It also reassured us that we will have players coming from feeder schools that do not have any baseball teams.

      The season is short now, but I feel like we have already made the right step in creating a new community through our baseball team and culture.  Over the past week of official practices we have already grown close to the players that are around us and that will only continue to grow.  Because of this we hope that we will have a stronger commitment throughout the team and players aren't willing to just quit for no reason.  These relationships have also been creating a legacy as new leaders have stepped up and will fill in the role perfectly as the leaders we have now leave.  Having this legacy being spread through the team will insure that our future will be great.
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Friday, December 1, 2017

Fly Coser Friday 12/1

Over the past week, we have been communicating with our community sponsor, and the players in our organization.  I have been communicating with our community sponsor through email.  We communicate with each other about every other day, or whenever we can get in touch with each other.  We have been communicating about a future community service project with them to connect with our community.  As an organization we have also been using remind to communicate with all of our players about practice and upcoming events.   This is what I would improve though because some new people on the team aren't on the remind and rely on other players that do have the remind.  I plan to fix this by making sure that everyone is signed up or knows how to sign up at the next practice.  By doing this It will make sure that we as a team are connected with each other at all times. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Fly Closer Friday 11/17

Over the past week I have created things such as a facebook, twitter, and attendance sheet, but I am most proud of what I have done with our community partner I have contacted Them and we are now in the working of possible future projects with them. I hope that we are able to serve them and it is going to be a great experience for the team. I appreciate what they have done and I am looking forward to future projects with them as it is a great opportunity to expand our relationship with our community.

For this upcoming year we are working on rituals and traditions that we can carry on long after we are gone.  Some Ideas that I have explored was to have a preseason omaha challenge.  This ritual would take place place before the games started and would build the team up as teams would be competing in different things such as sprints or the car pull. Everyone in the team would compete for a prize that you would carry with you until the next challenge is completed the following year. This would be a great tradition to do with the team as we would have time for conditioning and team building at the same time.

For the upcoming week I will be focused creating rituals and traditions and also continuing my work with or community partner.  I will stay in contact with my coach to possibly work out future things such as the omaha challenge.  I will also continue to improve relations with our community partner and work out a community service project with them.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

No Practice 11/16/17

There will be no practice today,  Don't forget to come out next week 3:30 to 5:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pork Chop Sales Meeting

There will be a meeting the media center/library at 7:00.  This meeting will discuss the different things that will be needed for the porkchop sales and also the different shifts and jobs.

Hope to see you there.

Friday, November 10, 2017


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Great news players and parents we are bringing back our old logo from the 2016 season.  This logo is Yankee inspired and instead of the NY it has a TN for Thomas Nelson.  Bellow is our 2016 graduate Eli Clark with the know resurrected logo.  Can't wait to see you all wearing it this upcoming season.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Post Rush

The upcoming 2018 baseball season is right around the corner we have started practices and our schedule has been made.  Below is this years upcoming season covering every game that we will play.  Times and games may vary depending on the situation and there may be games added onto fill in for canceled games.  For official updates contact coach downs or go to khsaa scoreboards

Mar 19, 18 Caverna home 6:30 PM
Mar 20, 18 Iroquois away 6:00 PM
Mar 21, 18 Bullitt Central home 5:30 PM
Mar 22, 18 Fort Knox away 6:00 PM
Mar 23, 18 Hart County away 5:00 PM
Mar 26, 18 Western home 6:00 PM
Mar 27, 18 Nelson County home 5:30 PM
Mar 29, 18 Nelson County home 5:30 PM
Mar 30, 18 Nelson County away 5:30 PM
Mar 31, 18 Doss away 12:00 PM
Apr 10, 18 Bethlehem away 5:30 PM
Apr 12, 18 Bethlehem away 5:30 PM
Apr 13, 18 Bethlehem home 5:30 PM
Apr 14, 18 Doss home 12:00 PM
Apr 17, 18 Washington County home5:30 PM
Apr 18, 18 Eminence home 6:00 PM
Apr 19, 18 Washington County home 6:00 PM
Apr 20, 18 Washington County away 5:30 PM
Apr 24, 18 Bardstown home 5:30 PM
Apr 26, 18 Bardstown home 5:30 PM
Apr 27, 18 Bardstown away 5:30 PM
Apr 28, 18 Whitefield Academy home 1:00 PM
Apr 30, 18 Valley away 5:30 PM
May 1, 18 Moore away 6:00 PM
May 2, 18 Western away 6:00 PM
May 3, 18 Caverna away 6:30 PM
May 7, 18 Frankfort home 6:00 PM
May 8, 18 Hart County home 5:00 PM
May 9, 18 Valley home 5:30 PM
May 10, 18 Iroquois home 6:00 PM
May 11, 18 Fort Knox home 6:00 PM
May 14, 18 Bullitt Central away 5:00 PM
May 15, 18 Eminence away 6:00 PM
May 16, 18 Green County away 6:00 PM
May 18, 18 Whitefield Academy away 5:30 PM